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Rebecca Cooper

Principal Product Manager,

The Association of Product Professionals is the global industry body for product people. We represent the people and practices. We will tirelessly work to advance the profession of product management.

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Our Mission

We believe that Product Management is the engine of growth for all organisations. Our mission is to advance the profession of Product Management. In doing so we hope to bring clarity to the role, practices and processes. As a result, we hope to reduce the financial loss companies incur from inefficient Product practices.

We aim to increase the awareness of Product Management as pivotal to organisation success, to align the industry thought leaders and practitioners, and perhaps one day establish a global standard for Product practices. It’s important to us that you understand our values. We care deeply about these things and continually review them.

We Aim to



Align the industry thought-leaders from around the globe on a set of common language and values. Establish some best practices.


Tirelessly promote these principles until they are accepted by organisations around the world.



Provide an independent means to benchmark both the individuals in product and the organisations in which they work.


Advocate for individual Product Managers so they have better opportunities and have a place to be supported.


Grow the product management industry for the business members that support it.

Our Point of View


Why Product Management needs an Industry Body?

“The Product Management landscape has long been fragmented. This means that as a Profession we are unable to deliver a consistent set of activities, practices, tooling and processes to organisations that we claim to support. If we do our job well, Product Management will not be seen or treated as a cost centre, instead it will be thought of as the growth engine in every organisation.”


Adrienne Tan

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Co-Founder and CEO of Brainmates


Why now is the right time?

“It’s time. As we grow as a profession, the time couldn’t be better for the world to rally around standards of excellence for product management. It’s time for the professionalization of product management. Join us!”


Steven Haines

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Founder and CEO of Sequent Learning

Why become a member?

“Despite the many flavors of product manager, we’re clearer than ever before understanding the skills and experience you must acquire to advance your career. Built upon the hard-won, real-world expertise of top product leaders and practitioners, a membership with the Association of Product Professionals will provide you clarity on your strengths and where you must grow to be successful and access to tools to help product managers everywhere be their very best.”


Ken Sandy

Board Chairperson, Association of Product Professionals
Author, The Influential Product Manager

What we stand for?

“As product managers, we change the world through our products. To create a world that works for all, we need diversity in product management. If we want to see this change in the industry, we need to lead by example and first start with creating an inclusive leadership team at the Association of Product Professionals.”


Radhika Dutt

Board Member, Association of Product Professionals
Co-founder of the Radical Product Thinking movement


What does success look like?

“Product management is more than a job, for some, it's a calling. If we are successful as an Association, we will see greater advocacy for Product Management at the top. More product-friendly companies where practices like product discovery aren’t seen as optional. Greater clarity and alignment on the role globally.”


Anthony Murphy

Director, Association of Product Professionals

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What we are not


Not another voice

We’re not another voice in the market. We exist to amplify the voices that are already there and to tireless promote on their behalf.


Not a Conference

We exist to represent the many amazing companies and people who already exist as a result we are not another PM conference but rather we direct others to the many existing conferences.


Not a Training Company

We are not a certification house nor a training provider. Rather we represent the existing training providers and aim to assist them through the alignment of industry thought leaders.

This won't happen without you


Product Managers

Being an Association member means more than just direct features and benefits. It also means having a voice and a chance to promote your industry body.

By becoming a member, you support the Association mission to advance Product Management and align the industry thought leaders globally.


Product Leaders

As a product leader, you play a pivotal role in advocating for best practices within your team and your organisation.

We want your voice to help shape how we advance product management as we tirelessly work to evangelise good product practices to organisations globally until universally accepted.


Product Businesses

The time is now to align the industry around some common language and some common principles so that organisations can see globally accepted best practices and start to change to embrace them.

We need product businesses such as yourself to have a voice and contribute to the profession's advancement by helping to solve the organisational problem.

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Representation and Voice

Membership in the Association

Belong to the industry body for Product Management.

Representation and voice

Represent your profession and have a voice advancing the profession. Be represented by an advocate for you.

A chance to participate in the movement

An opportunity to participate in the movement to align and industry and grow a meaningful Association

Opportunity to participate in Councils

Advocate, pioneer, and shape the direction on topics that matter to you by participating in Association Councils.

Opportunity to give-back by Mentoring

Access to the APP  2-way Mentorship Program
to either be mentored or to give back by mentoring others.


Immediate Value

APP Assessment

Take the APP Assessment to gain insight on where you stand and what to work on next

Recommendations to achieve your Career Goal

Unlock a tailored set of recommendations to help you achieve your next career goal.

Mentorship Program

Access to the APP  2-way Mentorship Program
to either be mentored or to give back by mentoring others.


2 x FREE Product Coaching sessions

Exclusive 1:1 Product Coaching sessions with a top tier Product Coach


2x FREE Product Management books

Exclusive sign up bonus of top Product Management books

Ongoing Value

Curated Content

Unlimited access to a library of vetted content, curated from thought-leaders around the globe, organised by the technical and adaptive skills in the product management domain.


Product Coaches

Exclusive access to a directory of top-tiered Product Coaches

Member-Only Events

Exclusive member-only events

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