Be a Board Member at the Association of Product Professionals

Join Adrienne Tan, Ken Sandy, Steven Haines, and Radhika Dutt as Board Members of the Association of Product Professionals.  Applications are now open. The Brief The Association of Product Professionals is a new professional organization. Its charter is to advance the profession of product management, across companies, across industries, and around the world. The reason … Read more

Alignment of the Product Management Industry

The Association of Product Professionals has a vision for the industry summarised in five points – Align, Promote, Assess, Advocate and Uplift. In this article, we’ll share why our first principle, ALIGN, is such an important bedrock for us to move the industry forward. Since the early planning days of the Association, we’ve known that … Read more

Tackling the diversity problem in product leadership

“The product manager is a mini-CEO,” the common refrain goes. Unfortunately, organizations that have accepted this idea about the role of the product manager have also internalized the stereotype of who can play that part: a white male. A quick Google image search for “CEO” elucidates this stereotype. Women take up only 36% of senior … Read more